Android Calling List To have Google+ pictures in 2014

We’re yet to get over the joy of getting a new Android OS, and it seems that Google already has new goodies lined up for us. One of these is the pairing of Google+ account images with the person’s phone number in your Android contact list.

This means that say you meet someone on the street who obliges to give his/her number. Now when you save the number to your Android contact list in KitKat. Google automatically updates your contact with the person’s Google+ profile picture.
Now we know that not everyone cares to put up a pic, but the service is still helpful if you’re calling up someone who’s face you can’t recall. The flipside is that miscreants , once they get your number,will also know what you look like.

This update will, for better or worse, be available in early 2014. However Google hasn’t made it clear as to which OS platforms it will be optimized for. We know the Android calling list is already different but the question is whether older versions will get it as well. Till then, if you’re wondering what it will look like, you can head over to Hangouts on Google+, which uses a similar system with the difference being that it uses email addresses instead of phone numbers.