iPhoto 2.0 Brings a Lot to iOS Users

We all are aware that Apple developers have come out with the latest OS, the iOS 7. This latest version has its full focus upon iPhoto 2.0 version that provides all the updates that are similar to the image editing features. However, there are some differences that makes it different from its previous version. New features added in this latest version are suitable for iPad and iPhone.  Additionally it even works with the older iOS versions, users can upgrade to the latest version of iPhoto for free.

About iPhoto 2.0
The iPhoto 2.0 comes with a brand new look that includes completely new artistic cues that Apple calls skeumorphism. This software comes equipped with the latest feature that enables in recognizing objects and things that are similar to physical items. The only thing that seems to be a task is different people interpret each object differently. However, with the latest update now it is possible that everyone is able to connect on the same level that brings all together.
iPhoto 2.0 is available for free upgrade if you have ever installed it on your device. However if you are opting for this service for the first time then you will need to shell out an amount of $5.
Photo editing
With changes in the iOS 7 UI you will be able to notice significant changes in the Photos module. Now the editing controls are changed and replaced with a complete new visual look. The earlier version had Edit mode that could be accessed by a button, the latest version allows you to switch between edit modes and browsing. On tapping tool tips you will be guided to a new layout that gives you the backdrop for your projects, photos and albums.
The photo album metaphor that houses albums now sports a new look that is more like a tagged library complete with labels. All the albums in the iCloud that have been comprise tagged images, photo sharing and albums are represented in thumbnails impressions. Projects comprise slideshows, journals and new photo books. You will be able to recognize each by their shape and distinctive looks. The interface is tweaked and you will be able to view the fan animation, Drama and Camera Filter.
Whenever you select a photo it automatically launches in the edit mode. you will be able to see some standard editing tools that include exposure, crop, effects and brushes. The only tweaked tools include text labels with schematic line drawings. Non-labeled icons have a list of tag, heart and flag icons that do not require any labeling, as they are self-explanatory.
  • Tap the image that you want to view, navigate through arrow icons and use swipe gestures to your leisure. Ellipsis icon helps you understand the options in relation to the chosen tool to give you an idea upon using it properly.
  • Sliders help with exposure and colors, as they did in the previous version, or you can still tap and slide on the image to adjust the colors of sky or grass, or hue and saturation.
  • The Brushes tab is neat and easy to use unlike the earlier animated version that left a user perplexed. The effects panel is loaded with Drama and Camera filters along with Aura, Artistic and many more.
  • If you are interested in clicking pictures underwater then the White balance feature comes handy.
  • Updates are highlighted as project in the latest version. Sharing capabilities include, shared video streams, book creation, print ordering, enhanced beaming, Apple Maps app and AirDrop functionality along with the ability of geo-tagging.
Projects Feature
If you want to create a book on your iPad or your iPhone then all you need to do is pick from the given templates. You have a choice of 20 templates that are pre-loaded options for you. Choose the images that you require and it will be automatically placed in an album. When you are in the book creation mode you have a choice to add caption or re-edit an image, this way you can have perfect pictures in your album.
Another interesting aspect in Project creation includes gesture-based slideshows. This gives you a digital scrapbook that you can upload and share with your friend network. The scrapbook gives you options like creating widgets and giving you panorama view. You will be easily able to create one that can be used as a vacation blog or for any other specific event. You have all the right tools to go ahead and enjoy creating a digital scrapbook.
Sharing Feature
Sharing feature allows you to share your pictures in full resolution journals, create slideshows and albums. AirDrop facility is also available for sharing. This latest version of iPhoto 2.0 also gives you the freedom to order prints and even photo books with your iPad or iPhone. You also have the option to choose the matte or glossy prints. Interestingly if you want it to be delivered to someone you can even add multiple recipients to the list. Photo stream gives you the ability to share with chosen people. If you already have an account with iCloud then you can directly upload it as a journal, a web page or a slideshow.
iPhoto 2.0 version along with iOS 7 gives you amazing capabilities for editing, sharing, creating projects and digital slideshow options. You will be delighted using the latest version that works equally well with iPad and iPhone. The best part is that it is available for free upgrade. The UI is neat, minimalist tabs and easy to use.