15 Incredible Ways to Create Digital Photo Collage

Photo Collage and Mosaics are great gifts for friends and family members. If you are looking for free software applications to create photo collage or picture mosaic then below is the list of about 18 free web based photo collage making softwares that can create beautiful picture collages of any size for free.

List of Free Photo Collage Creator

1) PicArtia – It is a freeware collage maker that allows you to create your photo mosaic online for free. It is considered as a powerful photo collage maker tool with which you can create photo collage or montage in 3 easy steps.

Just upload master photo from your hard disk but make sure that the selected image is in jpeg format. Now, Select Gallery theme and you are done. It is important to note that the free version of Photo Mosaic has less than 10 Mega Pixels quality.

2) Shape collage – It is a free Automatic Photo Collage Maker tool that can be downloaded on computer running Windows, Mac or Linux. With Shape collage desktop tool you can create customized picture collages with advanced options easily within minutes by using the photos from your computer or from the web.

Features of ShapeCollage
  • Allows you to create photo collages in any imaginable shape or form like rectangle, heart, circle, letters, or even draw your own shape.
  • Adjust the collage size, size of the photos, number of photos, and spacing between photos
  • Change the background, the colour of the border, and more.
  • Photo collages can be saved in JPEG, PNG, or Photoshop PSD file format.
3) Google Picasa - Picasa is free photo editing software and collage maker from Google that makes your pictures look great which can be shared with family or friends via email. Picasa provides you with six different collage types in the hands-on collage creation screen.

The best pat of this powerful picture collage maker is that you can easily re-edit a draft or a finished collage at any time. All you have to do is, just double-click your selected collage, and then click the Edit Collage button to access the collage creation page. You can then use the tools above to make any changes. Created collages will be saved in the ‘Collages’ folder, located under My Pictures > Picasa (Windows) or Pictures > Picasa (Mac).

4) Shape Collage Online – It is a web based free photo collage maker that creates a photo collage in a number of different shapes automatically, like a rectangle, heart, cat, or a word. Photo Collages can then be posted on blog or website, share with friends and family via email, print it out as a poster, or put in a scrapbook or photobook. To create photo collage online just enter urls of webpages with photos or urls of photos (one per line) and then choose a shape and hit the “Create” button.

When you use images from flickr, Google Image Search, Amazon, eBay, or news websites, the service will create photo collage in a pre-selected shape. The created collage has clickable links and allows you to click every individual image in an original size. This is specifically useful when you want to visually scan through a large number of shopping items, videos or news articles very quickly, and then make an appropriate selection.

5) Photovisi – A free online Image collage creator that allows you to create beautiful collages using photos from your computer or Flickr account.

The tool is simple to use, just choose a photo collage effect by choosing template and then choose the photos to be used in the template. Currently 18 collage templates are available. While creating photo collage, Photovisi provides you with the options to crop, replace or delete images and save created collage to your computer or share with you friends via emails address.

6) Collagr - It is a web-based application that generates collage from photos uploaded to Flickr or Photobucket. Just provide the URL or search using keywords in Flickr or Photobucket and then copy the URL. For example, we have used keyword ‘nature’ in flickr search box and the URL generated was http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=nature.

Once Collagr extracts images, you can play around with settings like the background color, Layout (Stitched or Border), spacing between pictures, the resolution of the output, size, and you can apply a grayscale or inverted color filter to the image. Customized photo collage can be downloaded by clicking unique URL that it has generated.

7) Picture2Life – A powerful tool to make photo collage from your images stored on your computer or hosted on popular image hosting service like flickr, picasa, facebook, etc.

You can create unlimited collages with your favorite pictures by selecting customizable, styles and layouts. Created collage can be used as desktop wallpapers or can be shared with friends and family.

8) AutoCollage – Photo Collage Maker from Microsoft allows you to create beautiful collages of your favorite pictures easily.

Just select a folder, press a button, and in a few minutes AutoCollage presents you with a unique photocollage that can be printed or shared with your family and friends with email.

9) PhotoMix – It is a Windows software program for digital scrapbooking and unique photo collage creation. Collage software by PhotoMix allows arranging photos on page automatically with more than 500 compositions available.

Full version of PhotoMix is available for $29 only. Trial version of PhotoMix allows you to create scrapbooks and collages in PhotoMix format, but output options, such as save as *jpg, or print are disabled.
Download PhotoMix to create Photo Collage

10) E.M. Free Photo Collage –  Another free tool to make photo collages and digital scrapbooks with your images. Just select a photo as background, arrange multiple photos on the paper, and then tinker settings, like rotating, resizing, adding frame, changing position, and changing overlay order, and merging them into image with mask templates.

You can even choose a collage templates, drag-and-drop your photos to create wonderful collage frames. For full review of collage software program visit here.
Download – EM Free Photo Collage.

11) Hockneyizer – Free collage software generator that lets you create a unique simulated collage from a single photograph and lets you save collages directly on to your computer or Flickr account.

Hockneyizer provides you with options to choose one of two styles: a joiner style image without frames or an image created from simulated Polaroids. Every generated image is unique one and is generated randomly. Photo collage generator Hockneyizer use images either from your computer or from web URL and allows you to control the background color and number of images in your collage.

12) Mosaic Maker – Free online tool from bighugelabs allows you to create a mosaic or photo collage from a Flickr photoset, flickr favorites, flickr tags, Facebook albums or individual digital photographs or images.

The tool provides you with an option to select layout (currently, 7 collage layout design and themes are available). You can also change background color, border color and space between images while creating picture collage.

13) Fotonea Allow you to create beautiful collages from photos and add texts. Just upload few images, choose background and click “create”. You can move/rotate/resize your pictures, add frames, add texts and then save on your computer, or share with friends.

Fotonea is free for up to 6 photos (each no larger than 2 MB or 3100px), and thereafter you have to pay 1$ for up to 20 photos. Created collage can be saved to your computer, and later uploaded to you blog or anywhere else, or shared.
14)Tabblo A premier service by HP that lets you create poster-sized highly artistic collages of your photos which can be printed later.  Just upload your photos or import from Picasa, iPhoto or Flickr and create a “tabblo” collage with images and optional captions. You can print your poster collage of 11 × 14 inches for $9.99 and 24 × 36 inches for $25.99 and prices do not include shipping and handling charges.

15) Wondershare Photo Collage Studio – Powerful software application to create  photo collages and digital scrapbooks with your photos. In Photo Collage Studio, you can drag-n-drop your photos to create beautiful collages.

All you need to do is to choose a colorfully designed template, drag and drop your photos, customize your text, add cliparts, photo frames, and click. Full version of Wondershare Photo Collage Studio is available for $19.95 only.
Download Wondershare Photo Collage Studio