22 Best Sites to Watch Free Horror Movies Online

Eager to watch most frightening and gory horror movies, videos or really scary content online? Below is the list of top 22 sites that contains horror thriller movies with theme of death, supernatural, thriller or mental illness.

Most of the online movie portal contains movies of gothic/horror genre. Just click them to watch full length free high quality horror thriller movies online. It is important to note that some of the services are only available to USA

List of Sites to Watch Horror Thriller Films Online

1) YouTube - Watch full length horror movies, shorts, and trailers on YouTube. New horror movies are added frequently including classics, documentaries, and independent films. Some of the horror Films include – Bloodlust, Legacy of Blood, Legacy of Blood, Giant Gila Monster, Bucket of Blood, Tombstone Canyon, The Crawling Hand, Giant Gila Monster.

2) FEARNet - FEARnet is the best portal site to watch horror, thriller and suspense movies online. The site provides you an exhaustive list of free horror movies with titles like – Voodoo, Dead Wood, Skinwalkers, Days of darkness, Dead Above Ground and many more. FEARnet also features exclusive original series, movie trailers, and exclusive scenes from soon-to-be released films.

3) Fancast – Lets you watch horror films, television shows, trailers and clips online via your browser. Housands of horror movies are hosted on Fancast and some of them are – House on Haunted Hill, The Crawling Hand, The Black Sleep, Black Sunday, Bloody Mallory, Carnival of Souls, The Comedy of Terrors and Horror Express. This portal is full of excellent scary content.

4) Public Domain Torrents – It hosts public domain movies as torrent files and has about 113 horror movies currently. Most of the movies consist of older movies. Horror movies with titles like A Bucket of Blood, Carnival of Souls, Doomed to Die, Night of the Living Dead, The Witches Mountain can be downloaded easily.

5) Jaman – It is one of the best portals that host thousands of horror movies to download, own, or watch free horror movies online from Hollywood’s monsters and slashers to the kung fu fighting ghosts haunting Asia. Jaman also allows you to watch Bollywood, animation, documentaries and more.

6) Logo Channel Online - If you are searching for good sites to watch horror movies for free, then Logo Channel Online is one of the best portal. Some of the horror movies available are Graveyard Shift Interns,Leeches and Killer Condom.

7) TheOnlyDevice.com - It is a movies website that supplies readers with links to video websites to watch films online for free covering all genres including: Action ,Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, Bollywood, Mystery, Cartoons, Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Crime, Thriller, Drama, War, Family and many others. In order to watch full movie online you need to download VeohTV software. It also allows you to watch newly released horror films online for free that are hosted on websites like Mega Video and Google Video.

8) iReel -  Lets you watch web based streaming HD quality movies online without any addition plugin. iReel allows you to watch Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller movies and many other genre apart from watching horror movies online. The movies can be viewed directly from the ireel player on site.

9) Babelgum - The service which is optimized for resolutions higher than 1024×768, allows you to watch the most popular horror movies videos in full-screen mode with the interactive capabilities of the internet. Babelgum’s film channel hosts thousands of videos covering everything from drama to comedy, animation and documentary. To watch horror movies just head on here and then select a video of your choice by clicking it. The video should then start automatically.

10) Internet Archive Lets you watch horror thriller movies online for free. Around 65 horror movies are available on Internet Archive like – White Zombie, The Last Man on Earth, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter, The Little Shop of Horrors, Devil Times Five.

11) Movies Found Online Watch thousands of videos and movies online which range from classic full-length movies to user-uploaded videos of every genre including Hollywood horror movies. This site does not host any of the streaming media and all media is embedded from other sites such as Google Video, YouTube, Joost and many more. Some of the horror movies that can be watched on internet are – Horror Express, Horror Hotel, Horrors of Spider Island, Invisible Ghost, Ju-on: The Grudge 2 and many more.

12) Retrovision It contains around 1900 movies that can be watched online for free. Retrovision’s movie library indexes horror movies like Attack of the Puppet People, Beast from Haunted Cave, Bloody Pit of Horror, Carnival of Souls, Crypt of the Living Dead and many more. Movies on Retrovision that are Rated R are not safe for kids or workplace. The quality of horror movies is good.

13) Joost It is a popular site that allows you to watch videos – music, TV, movies and more over the Internet for free. Most of the horror movies hosted on Joost are of classic horror genre like The Devil Bat, The Gore Girls, Night of the Living Dead, Fear Chamber, Little Shop of Horrors and many more. The quality of horror movies is satisfactory.

14) Hulu - Allow you to watch streaming video of TV shows and movies online. Hulu provides video in Flash Video format, including many films and shows that are available in 360p and 480p. Some of the horror movies that can be viewed online for free are The House Where Evil Dwells, Shira – The Vampire Samurai, Curse of Alcatraz, Atom Age Vampire and many more. Just hover your cursor to the video listing and you will be presented with a short and crisp excerpt of a movie. If that excerpt entice you to watch movie then go ahead. But unfortunately, Hulu videos are currently offered only to users in the United States

15) Veoh - It is a free online video service for watching movies. Veoh Web Player allows you to watch full-length videos directly in your browser. It also lets you download videos from Veoh for offline viewing. Thousands of horror movies and videos are available on Veoh to watch that can be filtered out based on popularity. Some of the movies available on Veoh are Carnival of Souls, The Gorgon and Indestructible Man. The quality of some of the movies is very good.

16) Asian Horror Movies - Watch high quality and English subtitled free streaming Asian horror classics as well as new hits and Asian horror TV series. It is best Asian horror movie site on the web and my personal favorite. The portal has a huge collection of scariest Asian horror movies on internet from China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, India and many other Asian countries. Some of the horror movies to be watched – A House of Mad Souls, Bangkok Haunted, Body, Brutal River, Forbidden Floor, Suicide Dolls and many more.

17) Movie Motion I have not used and never heard of Movie Motion portal, but the list of movies is pretty impressive. It contains movies of all genres – horror, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi, etc. The portal does not host any movies on its server and once you click on the movie link, it will search for the movies and will provide you with the actual sites hosting that particular movie. The quality of the movies will vary, off course.

18) FreeMooviesOnline - Watch Free Ghost Movies Online Legally on Free Movies Online which consists of largest selection of free public domain feature films on the Internet. Thousands of scary and horror movies are available for free online viewing. Some of the horror movies to be watched online are – Bowery at Midnight, Bride of the Gorilla, The Killer Shrews, The Screaming Skull and many more.

19) Watch Movies Online - Watch HD super high quality movies online on this portal. Thousands of horror movies are available. This free movie portal does not host any of the movie, but provides you with links. Once you click the links you can either watch full length movie clip online or download movie for offline viewing. You do not have to register to watch movies, but you do need to register to post movie comments, rate movies, create playlists, and participate in Forum discussions. To watch full movie you need to download VeohTV software. Huge collection of horror movies is available.

20) Emol Allows you to watch online scary or horror movies for free. You can even download free original horror movies and classic sci-fi movies directly to your PC. Emol provides you the best public domain horror movies available for viewing and download. Some of the scary movies available are – The Corpse Vanishes, Lady Frankenstein, The Phantom of the Opera and many more.

21) mymoveesIt does not host any video, film or media files and only aggregate and provide you with links to other sites like megavideo, myspace, tudou, veoh, youtube and others.). Some of the Hollywood horror movies to be watched online are – Among Dead Men,Turn of the Screw, When Night Falls, Bundy a legacy of evil. You can watch horror movies video clips or full length horror movies online for free.

22) CrackleIt is a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company containing some of the best horror genre movies that can be watched online. You can watch Ghostbusters on Crackle and many more. Though, I have not used it yet, but you can discuss and share your opinion via comments.