71 Ways to Share Photos & Videos on Twitter

Twitpic and TwitVid are considered to be the best application to share photo and videos with your twitter followers respectively. There are many other application that are developed on the top of twitter API, with some additional features like inline display of video, images, and maps, trending topics with context, multiple account support and many more. Below is the list of twitter service for sharing photos, both videos & photos or videos only that is worth to check out.

Twitter Applications to Share Photos

1)Twitpic It is most widely used image sharing service on twitter that lets you share photos on Twitter. You can post pictures directly to TwitPic site from your mobile, which is eventually update your twitter status.
2) TweetPhoto – It is real-time photo sharing service for the social web that not only allows you to share photos on Twitter but also lets you interact with any user or photo, bookmark as favorite or retweet any photo and much more. Photo can be uploaded by email, mobile or web. Photos get automatically geo-tagged and can be shared not only on twitter but on Facebook also.
3) TwitrPix - Share photos on Twitter with your friends, family and co-workers by using mobile phone, email and the web. Along with a photo you can include a message that will get tweeted with it.
4) Twitgoo - Being tightly linked to Twitter, the service provides you with the quickest, easiest, and safest way to share images for Twitter by using Twitter’s OAuth login process.
5) Flickr - It uses Twitter’s OAuth Login process to give Flickr permission, to access your account. Once that’s set up, the “blog this” option would offer a link to post to your Twitter account. The compose screen provides basic twitter functionality like character count, photo preview and a pre-shortened URL by http://flic.kr. To batch upload images to twitter, Flickr provides you with e-mail posting address that will automatically push multiple photos onto Twitter.
6) SmugMug Lets you share Images and photos on twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook and tumbler .SmugMug uses twitter’s secured OAuth login process which allow you to connect to Twitter to update your feed. After login, just select the photo you want to share, enter text message and then click Share on twitter.
7) Picktor - Picktor is a social picture management service that lets you manage photos, share photos, and interact with online communities. Apart from sharing photographs with twitter you can tag your photos across networks as well. With Picktor you can also pull photos from Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, Myspace, Photobucket, Webshots, Twitter and more.
8) Flick to Twitt : Flickr users generally upload photos and then share the link on twitter separately. But if you are looking for a tool that posts a link right away on Twitter automatically then that’s what flick.to.twitt allows you to do. It lets you upload a photo to Flickr and tweet it automatically. This enables you to use Flickr as a photo sharing option for Twitter and keep your pictures all on the same place.
9) Twitc - Powerful social image management service that allows you to organize, search, view, comment, share, embed, batch download, collect, favorite, rate uploads, view timelines and profiles, post links to or embed files, and send updates to your profile on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and 35 other sites.
10) img.ly – One of the basic social photo sharing service for twitter. Just login with twitter credentials and upload photo.
11) slect.ly – This photo sharing service for twitter is about to be launched with some unique features. Will update you once it is launched.
12) Skitch – Just capture an image with your phone camera or select any image of your choice and then email the photo to Skitch.com using your special MailDrop-for-Twitter email address. The image will be posted to Skitch.com along with a “tiny url” and a message will be posted to your Twitter account so all of your followers can view the image you just captured.
Skitch desktop application also allows you to tweet any image of your choice along with short message. Just use Webpost to upload the image to your Skitch.com account. Now, from the webpage, click the “Send to Twitter” box in the right-side column. Send your message to all your followers.
13) rosa.ly – It allows you to share images found on the web with Twitter. Firefox browser users can install the rosa.ly Firefox extension. If you are using other browsers, the bookmarklet is available for you. It also allows you to save a copy of your shared image which can be organized using hashtags.
14) Yotwit – Captures and shares pictures or screenshots on Twitter using twitter’s secured OAuth login process. Just login with your twitter credentials, and in minutes you will be capturing and sharing your screen shots, photos and images with twitter followers. The service also allows you to post pictures to Yotwit and share it you’re your twitter friends directly from your phone itself.
15) FolExt – Post pictures to FolExt from your phone or through the site and your images will be shared on Twitter along with a short URL. You can zoom, and rotate images as well. The front page shows the public timeline of photos that have been uploaded to the website.
16) twtgal – Basic photo sharing/gallery app for Twitter that lets you upload multiple photos (up to 14 images) to create a gallery and have it tweeted to Twitter with a short URL. You can upload images of up to 2 MB (max 2100px) in size. The downside of this application is that the images gets resized to 800×600px and are available on web for only one month. Useful for those who does not want to share pictures for unlimited time.
17) Pichirp – You can this iPhone application while capturing pictures from your iPhone camera. Once you click the picture, you will be provided with an option to upload your photos to the social network like yfrog, TweetPhoto, Posterous, Twitgoo, Pikchur and Twitpic, which can then be posted to twitter.
18) Twittergram – Allows you to share flickr photos on twitter. The application checks out your flickr feed in about every 10 minutes and only the most recent post within the hour is sent to Twitter.
19) TwitnGo – Lets you quickly make Twitter Status updates with photos. You can also view Public Timeline of photo status updates made from TwitnGo.
20) ShoZu – Allow you to post your photos directly to Twitter and over 50 other destinations of your choice, you can Tweet and see your Replies. It also allow you to change your Facebook status and interact with your Flickr friends.
21) Pikchur - Updates your social networks platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Jaiku, Facebook, FriendFeed, Identi.ca, Plurk, Brightkite, Totspo, Koornk, Flickr, OVI, and Posterous with pictures. All you need to do is, just login with respective credentials to share photos. You can also upload your photos from your mobile device while on the go.
22) TwitPickr – This is indeed not a service to update twitter status with picture but an easy way to upload your TwitPic images to Flickr. Just enter your Twitter-username, select the images you want and then click the upload-button. All your images on twitpic will be posted to your flickr account.
23) Pic.im Another service that lets you share images within services like Twitter. pic.im also provides you analytics with graphical reports for your shared images, such as how many times they were visited, from which locations, and referred by which websites. You can also upload photos via iPhone application, or twitter desktop tool like Nambu for OS X.
24) Virl – Nifty service to share photos, with Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious or Blogs & Websites.
25) Reduce li - The easiest way to share a picture. Just choose picture to upload by clicking on “Browse” and then click publish.

Twitter Applications to Share Photos and Videos (both)

26) yfrog Powerful image sharing service from renowned ImageShack that lets you share your photos and videos on Twitter. The best part of yfrog is that your friends can retweet any yfrog post directly from the landing page easily. yFrog has been specifically optimized for mobile viewing (example of full-screen photo view in iPhone).
27) twic.li A powerful service for posting a set of multiple photos and videos to Twitter. You can also upload photos via your mobile phone. You get an email id specific to Twicli to which you can simply send emails to with photos. These photos get uploaded to Twicli and posted to Twitter automatically.
Apart from sharing audio and video files, photos, and other content on Twitter, Twicli lets you tag your friends into videos and audio files you upload. The service provides you with the HTML code for any photo that can be embedded into your blog or website. Photos or images uploaded on twitter gets geotagged automatically. You can upload videos on twitter with size limitation of 100MB and Audio files are restricted to use upto 50MB.
28) Mobypicture Allow you to share your photos, text, audio and videos with all your friends, family and co-workers on facebook, twitter, flickr, vimeo, and more.
29) Posterous - Allow you to share photos, videos, music files on twitter, Facebook and Flickr in one step by email. Just post to Posterous by email and the service will update all the other communities you are a part of. Posterous is tightly integrated to Twitter that host all your rich media for free, and post a link to your Twitter stream.
30) ow.ly Just click on the sign in with twitter badge located at top right and fill up your twitter credentials. Supported File types that can be shared on twitter are – .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .doc, .pdf, .mp3 and many more. The service provides restriction of 4MB for image files and 10 MB for other supported file types. Video sharing on twitter is on works.
31) ScreenTweet - One of the best service for sharing videos, pictures, screen shots, and images on Twitter. All you have to do is just enter your twitter account on the right and start sharing your videos, screen shots, photos & image on Twitter, YouTube, Hulu and IgniteCAST.
32) Brizzly – Provides additional features that should have been a part of Twitter itself like inline display of video, images, and maps, trending topics with context, multiple account support, photo upload and many more.
33) Twitsnaps – Simple service that allows you to tweet your photographs and videos from the phone, and their website as well. Just login with your Twitter credentials, selected the photo to be shared on twitter, add message and have it tweeted to your account. If you want to tweet from your mobile phone then you can simple visit http://m.twitsnaps.com from your mobile browser or download mobile application. iPhone 3GS users can download the Twitsnaps application from iTunes store here.
34) TwitLens – Incredible image and video sharing service for Twitter with some unique features like multiple uploads (10 photos/videos in a single click), user name tag, anonymous uploads, an in built URL shortener 0.ly providing more space for your tweet as compared to more popular competitors. After all, every character matters in microblogging. You can also upload and share images with twitter service via your phone. For complete feature list of TwitLens visit here.
35) 2tweet – If you want to tweet photos and video by sending emails, then 2tweet works the best. Just send an email with photos and/or videos to twitter@2pad.com. In return, you will receive an activation link (in order to control spamming activities) in an email, just click on it to activate. After that 2tweet will post the photos and video on your behalf whenever you send an email.
36) Greetter – The service helps you share Photos & Videos on Twitter. You can tag your friends in these photos and can link to their Twitter account. Comment and embedding options are also available. Greetter also allow you to view and comment on other photos and Videos as well.
37) Tweet Reel If you have got an iPhone 3GS then TweetReel can do wonders for you. This iPhone app allows you to shoot pictures and video on your iPhone, upload them to TweetReel, and share them on Twitter. Tweet Reel is available right now on iTunes, for $2.99.
38) TwitFS – Share videos, photos, documents, and music with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and more. Once you have uploaded your files, you can tweet the unique URL assigned to the file to your twitter followers. The basic version of TwitFS is free to use and premium version (only $0.99) of TwitFS provides you with some additional features like faster download rates, and larger file size upload.
39) TviderIn order to share pictures, videos and audio on Twitter, just record your video, picture or voice using your computer mounted Webcam and Mic with their online widget and Tweet it with a standard twitter message. You can also upload a pre-recorded video/audio/picture file.
40) Tweetmojo - Allows you to share your videos, photos, and documents on Twitter easily. You can also record video from your webcam and share it by adding more text to your tweets.
41) Stticky – It allows you to send pictures, video, Multimedia messages and chat in real-time with your twitter followers, privately.

Twitter Applications to Share Videos

42) 12seconds – A simplest way to share video moments with your friends on the web. The service allows you to create a short video clip which can be recorded using webcam or mobile phone or just browse from your desktop and upload and then send video status updates or message to Twitter and Facebook friends.
43) Camtweet If you are looking for a service to share live video on Twitter, then use Camtweet with any standard webcam or screen capture software (service from Justin.tv) that provides you with a live video box in the center of the page and allows users to tweet messages. Each tweet or a message has a link back to the Camtweet room.
44) Vidly – Yet another service that allows you to share video files on Twitter. You can upload video files from your computer, phone, or record directly via webcam. It is important to note that HD videos of upto 720p can be used for sharing.
45) uShow – Allow you to add videos from webcam, youtube, upload from pc or mobile and share it on twitter and facebook easily. uShow automatically search the videos of people you follow and allows you to express your opinion or comments on those shared video files.
46) TwitCamStream live video to your Twitter account. Just login with your Twitter username and password and then click “broadcast.” Once you click it, TwitCam will send out a tweet with a link to the chat. Users can then sign into a Twitter chat and tweet out their own messages, making video conversation simple.
47) TwitVid - It is one of the most popular service for sharing videos on twitter. Just upload video from your computer desktop or record video via your Phone and Webcam and tweet it. You can upload videos up to 2GB large but there is no restriction on the time length of the video.
48) Listento.fm – Lets you share music or video files on Twitter. You can submit an MP3 file or a YouTube/IMEEM links to your favorite content and Listento.fm will generate a short link mediapage for you to share it to your twitter followers.
49) swg.fm - Allows you to share MP3s and videos on Twitter service. Just enter your Twitter username, the song name, and the artist name. A Short URL will be created that you can tweet and share with your followers.
50) Twi.tt - Allows you to share videos, photos, documents, music, and polls on Twitter.
51) Twixtreme - An application for posting updates and photos to Twitter on BlackBerry devices. Check out all 15 Twitter clients for Blackberry.
52) Twitmatic – Watch a real-time stream of videos being shared on Twitter. Just click the big Next button and enjoy a new clip.
53) TwiddeoPowerful service that lets you Twitter updates with Video. Just upload the video to be shared from the web, your camera phone and record from your webcam and tweet it to share with your followers.
54) Mov.ioTool for easy movie uploading and sharing with your friends on Twitter. The video files to be shared with twitter can be uploaded via iPhone, webcam or just select it from your computer hard disk.
55) TweeTube Allows you to share your favorite videos quickly with short URLs, and track the visits and comments from the people that follow you. Tweetube Recorder app for Mac users allows you to share 25-seconds video directly from your webcam. The service also lets you upload pictures to share with your Twitter followers. YouTube videos can also be shared by entering the URL. There are many other powerful features available with TweetTube. Just check them out!
56) BubbleTweet - This service enables anyone using the Twitter social media service to record or upload short video messages (currently up to 30 secs) that speak directly to their followers. The service has been optimized to work with 320×240 sized video.