Amazon Product Ads Free $75

There is no doubt about it that about everyone has heard of Amazon before. Amazon Product Ads is similar to Google Adwords, except the catch is, their target audience is more directed to online shoppers. Nonetheless, this promotion creates a great opportunity for those who operate their own online business that sell actual merchandise. And for those who operate their own bricks and motor business, this may be the opportunity for you to finally test the waters of selling online.

As you may know, for a business to function, you need customers. Simply what this free $75 advertising credit does for your business, is simply attract more customers to your online storefront. If you are a new and coming business owner, this may all sound new to you. However, fear not. The process is essentially the same and instead, customers look for their favorite products by navigating through your online storefront. You can think of this promotion from Amazon as their Thanksgiving gift to you, because essentially, they are giving you free customers if you take advantage of this free offer.

Amazon Product Ads is a PPC (pay per click) company meaning that essentially every click they direct to your webpage, you are getting a brand new customer. For more details on their pricing for advertising, you can view that here.

Requirements to get free credit

1.This promotional offer (“Offer”) is limited to Amazon Product Ads sellers who receive their first Amazon Product Ads click (as measured by Amazon Services) between 7/19/10-12/31/10. Sellers that receive a first click after the promotional period are not eligible.

2.You must provide a valid credit card number to receive the promotional credit.

3.Participants must register and maintain an Amazon Product Ads account in good standing with Amazon Services LLC.

4.Participants must be located within the United States and are subject to the Product Ads Agreement.

5.Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional or incentive offer from Amazon Services or, Inc., or their affiliates

6.Offer is not for resale and is not redeemable for cash.

7.Offer is void in the event of fraud, mistake, or any failure to satisfy any terms of the Offer.

8.Amazon Services reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or modify this Offer at any time.
The credits will be applied to your Amazon Product Ads account within 10 business days after the first click on one of your Product Ads.